TECHENGINES AI FORCE - Free Course Data Science 101


TECHENGINES constantly looks for like-minded collaborators who are passionate with learning the new AI technologies, discovering the hidden value inside the data and fostering the beneficial use of data science for a better world. Even if you are new beginners, as long as you’re mentally and academically prepared, we can help you to acquire the skills and experience needed to become a data scientist.

In the last few years, TECHENGINES has developed a series of AI solutions in the insurance and credit sectors that are verified by well-known international organizations. Thank to those valuable experience, we are able to design the training courses that are practical and related to concrete real-life objectives.

TECHENGINES’ solutions are developed in various programming langurages such as Python, Scala, Javascript and C++. However, our training courses are mainly in Python. Python is the most widely used programming language in the Data Science field. The training course Data Science 101 will provide the beginners with a chance to dwell into the Python world and explore its fast end effective functionalities in processing the data.

TECHENGINES Free Course Data Science 101 Agenda

Syllabus of the 1-Week training course:

  • Day 1: Environment set-up on your computer (with and without GPU)
  • Day 2: Python basics
    1. string manipulation and formatting
    2. lists, tuples, dictionaries and sets
    3. define functions and lambda functions
    4. create a copy of an object vs assigning the same object to multiple variables
    5. use os and glob packages to handle file and path
  • Day 3:Pandas basics
    1. DataFrame and Series
    2. descriptive operations: (n)unique, shape, describe, count, value_counts
    3. select columns/rows with slices
    4. operations on multiple dataframes: merge, join, concatenate and append
    5. data cleansing: columns name formatting, counting missing values, removing duplicates, etc.
  • Day 4-5:EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) with Pandas
    1. provided with datasets of raw data
    2. data cleansing and data consolidation
    3. plot
    4. correlation analysis
    5. aggregations (count, sum, groupby, etc.)
    6. feature extraction and prelimiary results

TECHENGINES Data Science 101 is a free course that will be shared on the TECHENGINES GitHub Account with limited private access from 6th April 2020. If you’re interested in starting your Data Science jouney from scratch, please send your CV to to secure your reserved seat.

Join us on TECHENGINES AI Force For Good and together we can make this world a better place!